Monday, March 17, 2014

A Utah Wedding!

Next week, we are going to Utah for 12 days. Cody is getting married on Wednesday. Danny was not able to get almost 2 weeks off work and my parents are worried about me driving down alone with the girls since I am in the 3rd trimester now and all the "what ifs" that could happen. So my dad decided that he would fly up Monday night and drive us down on Tuesday. I am glad that he is able to come up. So we have the dinner on Tuesday night, Wednesday is the wedding and reception. Chelsea is a really nice girl. We are excited for them. Thursday I am planning on going to a friends house and we are going to craft and make some shirts for the baby and also some I am the big sister shirts for the older girls. Saturday I am going to pick up Danny from the airport and then we are going shopping. Sunday I think we are going to see Danny's family who is coming up from Orange County. Monday is Abbys birthday and we are going to a water park in Honeyville. Then the rest of the week is not planned. We will leave to come home On Saturday I think. We are excited to see cousins and friends and to meet baby Dax. Happy that Chris and Jordan are able to come from Colorado. Danny and I are also going to look for areas we want to live in when we move. I am thinking that we are going to end up in West Haven since the girls got into a charter school in West Haven.


Utah I know that this is late but for New Years, we were able to go to Utah for a week. We made 4 trips to Utah in 2013! It was awesome. The weather was not super bad, we got to see some old friends, went ice skating, bowling, played games, had sleepovers with cousins, helped with Cody's wedding plans and had a great time. I can't wait to go to Utah next again next week.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


So, we are pregnant again, due June 7th. Its a GIRL! That will be fun. 5 girls. We are super excited. This will for sure be the last baby. She was a surprise baby (well kinda, I had a surprise pregnancy and found out about that in August and then I had a miscarriage September 1st and found out we were pregnant again in October) and has taken some getting used to being pregnant again as Maggie is going to be 7 when this baby is born. I am starting all over again. When we told the girls about this baby, Maggie says, if it is a boy, we have to sell it, we don't know what to do with a boy. Oh, she is so funny. I think that we were all hoping for a boy. Especially Danny. Oh well. Pregnancy wise, I am feeling pretty good. The first trimester was hard. I never got sick with the other girls. But with this one, I was sick, I was tired. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


here are some random pictures from the summer We went to Silverwood Theme Park a lot, we went to Yellowstone, Utah, the races, back to Utah, Did lakes and swimming with friends, went out on the boat often, had a brother come stay for 5 weeks,


We are moving to Utah next summer. I am counting down the months. We are hoping to move the middle of June. I am super excited. I have already talked to my old manager and he said of course he will hire me back and Danny will be able to transfer back to his work too. We are just hoping that his transfer happens the same time that I want to move. I for sure want to be in Utah the first of August to get the kids ready for school. If Danny has to go in May or April, then he will go out then an stay with my parents while looking for a house and I will go on June 15th. If he still doesn't have a transfer by August, well, I am going anyway. I want the girls to be able to start school there. Hopefully, everything works out well. I am excited to be near family again. Family that we will actually see. Family outings, Family dinners, Family birthdays. Family Holidays. Its going to be great.

Finally, first day of school pictures.

this is the girls first day of school pictures. Hailey is in 6th grade and here in Idaho that is middle school. So she leaves the house at 7:05 each morning to get the bus and go to school. She is so far liking school a lot and she got all 6 of her classes with her best friend. what are the chances of that? Hailey is also doing soccer. Emily is in the 4th grade. she is actually in a 4/5 combo class and it is a lot more of a challenge for her which I like. she was always so bored with her other classes. she is also doing cross country at school. She was also asked a couple of weeks ago to play basketball for the comp. team so that will start in October. Abby is in 3rd grade. she loves it. she loves her teachers. One teacher teaches in the morning and then there is another teacher for the afternoon. Abby is doing jazz dance also. Maggie is in 1st grade. she is so excited about going to school but its a real struggle to get her to do any homework at home. she is also doing soccer.

Monday, June 17, 2013


In July Danny and I will be going to the Mount Timpanogos Temple and we will be sealed to the girls. It will be a day that I have been waiting for forever. We are excited!